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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, yi on series less than 4 years old; after 4 years, none
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, fixation of, ? aneurj -m (J. I hmdas < Irani | I
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granulations (the pinkish granular flesh of the sore) are
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Regular monthly meeting, fixed by by-laws, for receipt of moneys the third Monday of each month.
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collected weighed 98 kilograms. The hairs were 10 centi-
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Cliininjic, Jena, 1905, xv, p. 151. — In June, 1901, anterior gastrojejun-
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arranged for use as safety valve after excision of ileo-csecal valve for tuberculosis,
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before being worn. And, as the bacilli, or germs, which
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hernia is the enlargement of the obturator canal by the changes which
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months after from tetanus due to a nail picked up in the street ;
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positive enemy to life and health and must he exterminated.
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Stewart, Nebraska. This animal was confined on table and
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lungs and spleen. Inoculation of material from these bovines
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corner of the eye, and is washed across the eyeball, and
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in four layers, and this time healed without further relapse. He has
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on progress of dental science and literature, ( Klont.
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always old ; for instance, Lickley's case was 87 years of age and
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reactions with sera of patients from cases of summer diarrhoea in London (1905-
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Enteroptosis, associated with chronic constipation, Surg. 131, 132
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, notes on a case of left temporo-sphenoidal abscess of otitic origin, otol. 90; disci.
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dilated its peritoneal coat is partly stripped off, and in the case of the
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we venture to think, do not represent the true mortality, since, as we
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Worms. — ^Under this heading we describe briefly the
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at average intervals of a week for three months. At the same time
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■ Requests for reimbursement and other invoices should be checked for
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characters of a malignant growth, was diagnosed accordingly
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iSl real estate loans (average, $2,607 each; average rate 5.50%); 5%, $9,948; 514%, $1,099,175; 6%, $14,384.
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attendants, so that the patients shall not be in the cajre of
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thin because there is not oil enough in the scalp. In both
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t thyroid gland in, effects of removal, Med. 5, 34, 35, 36
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narrow tube into the gut. The main symptom is intense
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confined to the phosphatides. For instance, if the iodine value of L20
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compensated and uncompensated time off. There are also monetary thresholds
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mucous colitis, in more than one case in which he had intended to perform
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lines, which are of especial interest to one in State sanitary
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mode of living. It is readily transmitted from one sex