Frequency-distributions, including "normal" curve as particular case, Path. 149

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to destruction of labyrinth on other side ; effect of, Otol. 65, 66

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hands, and some weakness, which may or may not become

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accessory nerve, paralysis of (F. Spicer), Laryng. 132

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Mai development and embryology, communications to Obstetrical and Gynaecological Section,

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Air-pressure, appliance for obtaining and automatically maintaining (11. M. Maenaughton-

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scurf under powerful glasses ; if there is any mold growth,

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derive benefit from the Salisbury method. Very fat people

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everywhere under the skin, it is called anasarca. The skin

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the skin, it is not necessary to dwell, their value being admitted by all.

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, discussion on electrical treatment of naevus, Electr. 121

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Wagner, statistics of cases under Lenhartz dietary, quoted, Therap. 90

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dently from the endothelial capsule. These cells appear first

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tionnaire Veterinaire Pratique, Nocard stated tbat successive in-

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of its power of penetrating the nerve-cells, while acetic acid, or the

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Emetics are not often used now, except in the case of children, when

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attitude of the patients towards sympathizers; and in this

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but may be used to do good in those collaomic condition- (] he,

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of large quantities of it every day. The normal person

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Later, the gums bleed, the teeth fall out and bleeding takes

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argument to support the contention that jejunal ulcer occurs with

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various organs and tissues do not under normal conditions multiply

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Martineau, A. J. — Discussion on dermoid of mastoid region, Otol. 24

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inch and a half. Then use the ball of the syringe. Many

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