constipation. They were a class of people who were intelligent, hut unwilling to
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absolutely represented, except by its carpal base, which is often
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been most gratifying. Of these cases, 18 were males and 22 females.
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Mr. J. Washington Haward, President of the Section, in the Chair
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that gastrojejunal ulcers are a direct consequence of operation ? As
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flannel, or tow ; the tow is then folded over the edge of the
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knee over the sound knee. See him walk, and you will
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But besides the proper gluteal eminence or true steatopygy, Sir
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at the same time I pointed out the possible value of appendicostomy in
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use, but it has the advantage of not being likely to engender a drug
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of alveolar sarcoma and endothelioma which have been recorded, but it
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arthritis. No benefit had followed any of many lines of treatment.
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;ii the time of operation whether a growth in the colon has given rise to
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Fourthly, that in cases treated by this method rectal injections n
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appearance, in man aged 73, Laryng. 160 ; discussion (p. 160) : Dr. Pegler
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descendants— to find that one of their methods was being explained. Forty
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the hollow abdomen ; the iliac spines were also very prominent.
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efforts, lessening the numberless irritations and infinite
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Lead-poisoning, hypertrophy of heart and arterio-scleroeifl resulting from. Therap. 14
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55 share loans (average, $267 each; average rate 5.52%); 53^%, $14,250; 6%, $450.
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clothing and other fabrics, particles of lime or plaster or
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it has almost become an article of faith and a test of therapeutical
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tion of the coffin joint or a laceration of the strengthening
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in some of the dusty trades — such as grinders, 49% of
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During treatment all kinds of antiseptics used — carbolic, creo-
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, undamped waves of electricity, Electr. 48; discussion (p. 51): Dr. A. !>. K, id. Dr.
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the tail is of a length to reach the ground and is throughout thickened ;
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or boric acid, or boroglyceride, or carbolic acid, or corrosive
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Subacetate of Lead with glycerin is useful in eczemas,
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been performed. Probably more gastrojejunostomies have been per-
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24th, and the period of increased ration gave the following
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portion of fat varied in different places, and in some there was no more
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litter, floors, stalls, tails of infected cows in the next stall or in
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all, really. You cannot learn too soon that a catarrh is