existed. I have found that hyperacidity is a frequent concomitant of
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of liquidation to date, exclusive of interest charges. In following this policy the
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(congenital), association of juvenile general paralysis with, Clin. 12
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Incorporated August 2, 1910. Began business September 1, 1910
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individual cells. In some cases the endothelial cells contained only one
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better and entirely successful method of immunization from
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ledge one should have of the case is that it be one of supposed calculus
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F. A. Hurley*, .Jeremiah Hurley, John McGrath*, J. B. Meehan, F. J. Monahan, J. J. Regan, C. G. Stream*,
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abdominal sepsis which have been treated by any form of transfusion.
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came away clear. I was present when he died and held a post-
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seems probable that those pathogenic to man can be included in a few
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Case X. — Brown mule, intensely lame on left fore limb.
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used at maturity for the pajaiient of the mortgage loan. Definite monthly pay-
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of Surgeons was supposed, when first examined, to have developed m the
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Squire, J. E., C.B. — Discussion on heredity in tuberculosis, R.S.M. 60
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vessels ascending from the back of the upper end of the descend-
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1 Compare the case recently reported by Arnolds in the Monatsschr. f. Gob. u. Gyn. y Berl. r
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Four preparations from the pig's liver No. 1 were analysed : those from
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quantities of food, generally of a wholesome sort, however ;
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, discussion on heredity in relation to cancer, R.S.M. 75
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est ten different kinds of cancer, and they vary in course,
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of a man, aged 40. The tumour hung dow T n into the pharynx, and could
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specimens we find that vessels arise from the anterior surface of the
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assistance of many valuable writings on the subject, it is quite possible
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Incorporated January 30, 1926. Began business February 10, 1926
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Shillitoe, A. — Case for diagnosis (shown by Dr. E. G. Graham Little), Derm. 11
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the average percentage of this variety of cell was 22 per cent. The only
years, passing blood and mucus, and pyrexia, pain, and tenderness.
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A striking feature with regard to the recorded cases is the large
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cent, salt formol ; each had an extreme diameter of 2 cm. A sample of
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in a dirty state or may get rubbish thrown into them.
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tion, its accomplishment should be an easy matter. The great-
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gether in the morning; work is unbearable, because the
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(3) The second attack may be slighter or more severe than the first :
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I take the liberty to present photo-micrographs from this case
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Scholefield, Mr. Clayton Fox, Dr, Dan MeKenzie, Dr. Abercrombie (reply)
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lower border reaching a hand's breadth below the umbilicus; rit
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taken with little or no water, was believed to pass bo the colon, where it
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front of him a patient with a normal capillary reflux, he knew the number
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Fourthly, that in cases treated by this method rectal injections n
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vaccine prepared from this bacillus were given at intervals
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disease of the hepatic blood-vessels has been discovered in fche fatal - s,
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common cause of fits, and, because it causes so much pain
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omissions, for additions, and for alterations in the volume. I
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are also the order of the day. The Secretaries of the Interior