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observed did not cause recurrence of the haemorrhage. Be agreed as to the

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cases of tertiary syphilis I have seen have been in patients treated

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16 mm. long and 8 mm. at its broadest part. These enlarge as

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without, in addition, suture of the omentum to the abdominal walls,

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pathogenic bacteria as was Dr. E. A. de Schweinitz. In his

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salicylate in acute and subacute rheumatism ? Rapid relief of pain and

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received two years previously. — [Revue Gen. dc Med. Vet.,fune,

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memhrane, he had examined some of the cases which had died soon after the

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and may be seen any size, from a threepenny piece to the

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The intermediate groups lie around the stem of the middle colic

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no-loop operation, the improvement was rapid, whilst eructation, vomiting,

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reported the patient has gained flesh since fche Lasl operation, and il

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the glass has "rarified" it, and a vacuum is produced so

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in London catch a cold if they, for an exception, ride out-

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modic asthma; unfortunately there is no unanimity of opinion even now

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only between four and six hours. When he took a fig the seeds appeared

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on syringe for use after radical post-aural operation, Otol. 20

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the opsonic content of the serum; a list, however long, of " healthy"

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In October I was operating on an American, aged 69, for piles, and

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with external and internal maldevelopments, Child. 275. -iTt-

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the normal bone-marrow. Not only were the medullary canals of the

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Goodyer, Charles. — Introduction of vulcanized rubber into pi dentist! .

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, polycythemia, Clin. 24, 26. [For discussion see under Thompson, Theodore, Poly-

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inflammation of the fingers. The inflammation is caused

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As an example of the operation in two stages for perforation

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admitted to hospital for pain over the right kidney region and severe

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twenty varieties of round worms are shown. To illustrate the

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Quenu. Bull, ct M('m. de la Soc. de Chir. de Paris, 1902, xxviii, p. 250; MJ

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he called at once. If he is called as soon 3S there is a sore

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consist in having efScient quarantine ofl&cers, with quaran-

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Rabbits, action of arsenic on (P. N. Panton), Path. 1