he found that the kidney could be pushed a considerable distal the
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Talamon, 0. "Syphilis hepatique precoce avec ictere grave et atrophie jaune aigue du
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sleeplessness, and until this plan has been given a good
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and is accompanied by the signs of a bad cold in the head,
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Pirie, A. Howard.— Discussion on X-ray examination of acce, hch of none, Elec
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majority of cases requiring operation the mere ileosigmoidostomy is not
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nostrils with an astringent lotion, such as alum in water
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MacCallum, action of saline purgatives, quoted, Therap. 21
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jejunal ulcer which perforated all the intestinal coats except the sen
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flabby, cold hands, he is very likely smoking too much;
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1 two cases of familial cerebellar degeneration. Neur. 30
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ceived no exercise further than a walk to the scales three times
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stand, however, we may conclude that the results are at least as
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derful book by a German pastor named Wagner, in which
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, unusually large and long (W. Stuart-Low), Laryng. Ill
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where the swelling was most prominent. The growth was rem
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marked. The splenic sinuses appeared to be distended with red blood-
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for neurasthenia (which see). It consists of complete rest
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should be regarded as a case of potential jejunal or gastrojejunal ulcer.
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and that of the country. Many States have passed laws placing
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It seems that Nocard in his experiments has followed the
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Dentist, first known, Casellius (90 a.d.), Odont. 75
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serving animal life, and certainly none which so perfectly cor-
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(2) Melancholies. These are in a state of sadness and
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H. E. Morse, F. W. Pratt, W. H. Stiles, S. P. Willard, C. E. Williams.
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Respiratory exercises in treatment of asthma, Therap. 123, 124, 126
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crease an animal's resistance to tuberculosis, indeed their injec-
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in the posterior wall of the stomach about its middle. The tumour