during convalescence. Therefore a patient must be kept

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less as a disinfectant, but the small proportion which does not thus

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has ever been devised than the occasional old-fashioned

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, inoperable recurrent carcinoma of breast under treatment by radium. Clin. 22G

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ease, which renders a sufferer liable to convulsive attacks

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rates. In formulating their investment policies, lianking institutions should deem

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ulcer seemed in many people, though by no means in all, to be limited to about

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scarred, the omentum was very firmly adherent. Gastroenterostomy —

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feel that you have done your best. With regard to scar-

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beneficial results of gastroenterostomy in intractable 5, it must

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unchecked. He congratulated Dr. Knowles, of Montana, upon

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ticularly an African variation that one is led to speculate that the Queen

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dages found thickened and inflamed and adherent to caecum and

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dozens of different causes. No doubt the reader cares very

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16 share loans (average, $246 each; average rate 5.50%); 5J^%, $3,930.

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Of those not operated upon, all died. Of the 47 not operated upon,

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Vomiting recurred and necessitated stomach lavage (in 1905 twice daily).

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tance of 2 in. There was considerable induration in the jejunal wall,

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or even weeks, after apparent recovery, the child may be-

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, dullness, added, or local al seal oi injury, Surg. :

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notes on a case of cholesteatoma of external auditory meatus treated by local application