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tient must take a smart purge of Epsom salts, then continue
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ly with the salt solution until the cylinder contains exactly 40
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Meningitis associated with leptothrix bacillus (W. A. Milligan), Child. 203
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you are able to, chewing the food well. You must rest in
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strong, and the patient is liable to giddiness and vomit-
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disease, chiefly of children, who suffer from intense thirst
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did not seem worth while to run these risks on the off- chance of the appendix
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To reach their result the plan of taking evidence and col-
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tinually ; they read the long accounts in the advertisements
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In typhoid or enteric fever also the looseness of the bowels
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with potash and alcohol causes some changes in the acids. Thus a
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to steam, then the ferment would itself have been deal
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flat on the anterior surface and on the outer border of the tibia.
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noticed that the pain was always worst at night ; food induced acute
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walls are terraced and carved into a myriad of pin-
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enthusiasm, and there is no doubt but that when he turns the
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West Michigan Printing Co., of which I am Manager, and can
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show his present condition, three years and four months from the
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exist either on the outer or on the inner surface of the splint
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way to do any of the operations which he meets in his practice
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The differences brought out in the iodine value of the fat from the limb
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Hartwig, R. , and Boveri, experiments in reproduction alluded to, R.S.M. 10
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