while in others the face only is convulsed, or the limbs

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abdomen, especially to the right, where it extended towards the loin. It

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consisted of bread, ox tongue, and cocoa, had been taken at 8.30 a.m.,

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only 36, and when he got some improvement he had the patient skiagraphed by

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Incorporated January 29, 1890. Began business February 6, 1890

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and the intestinal contents pass from fche small gul straight into I

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in Connecticut and it will be strange indeed if the bill is not

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these organs, washing out in unusual amounts their secretions

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once. The calf was secured, the parts disinfected as well as

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http:/ / caag.state.ca.us/charities/publications/ supplement2001.pdf

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(Other authorized locations for receipt of moneys: 105 Readville Street, Readville; National Shawmut Bank,

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full of iodine tincture and water (equal parts). The io-

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the importance of keeping the teeth in order. Decayed

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osazone melting at 203° C. The fatty acids present in the preparations

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carefully sifted. Over twenty years ago I read a paper before

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some instances the pain was not sufficiently severe to prevent the

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simulated in cases of tox&mia apparently prodi;<

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, gangrene of, complicating strangulated obturator hernia, Surg. 139, 140

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any indigestion. Navvies, coal miners, and others who

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observe that the evidence shows clearly that the population of Upper

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occurred before this time, with presumably the same treatment,

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are improving, and it is the medical expert who generally

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The first thing to discover then is, what causes the cough t

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Incorporated July 8, 1913. Began business July 14, 1913

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lished at the age of 14, without pain or constitutional disturbance. The

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1,690 real estate loans (average, $3,041 each; average rate 5.60%); 5%, $45,411; 5J^%, $3

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I was called to the stable of R. M. Dunbar, Bowers Station,