seven days before she was sent to the hospital. The abdomen was

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into the larynx without being strictly laryngeal in its attachment.

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, proportion of, to deaths from summer diarrhoea at Manchester (1904-6), Epid. 256

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the bed-pan before and after use, and to rinse all vessels

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Aspirin, sodiimi salicylate or salicylate of colchicum.

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Lament*, J. J. Lamont, P. F. Lamont, E. V. Martin, A. J. McGillivray*, Phillip McMorrow, E. W.

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large cyst, which projected upwards and to a large extent backwards, it involuted

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We, generally speaking, are all too prone in the face of cer-

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of several objections to the draining of a urachal cyst, nor could I dissect

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52 share loans (average, $171 each; average rate 6%); 6%, $8,875.

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On Dec. 30th, a trace of sugar was noticed in the urine.

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and fatty meats such as goose, duck, pork. All fatty fish,

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, epileptiform attacks originating in (R. Lake), Otol. 85

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Iodine-lithium ionization in treatment of arthritis (N. S. Finzi), Clin. 230

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