Cotte and Delore, asymmetry of urachal cysts, quoted, Surg. 215
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J. S. Murray*, A. J. Porter*, A. J. L. Rausch, Julius Stone.
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treated with anti-endotoxic serum, five cases (R. M. Bruce). Med. -
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78 real estate loans (average, $3,126 each; average rate 5.89%); 5J^%, $50,300; 6%, $193,516.
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When the hair falls off because of scurfiness of the scalp,
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explained the late deaths which Wallace had observed.
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Board of Directors: C. H. Adams, C. L. Allen, J. L. Bancroft, Sanford Crandon, \V. A. Dole*, W. S. Fifield*.
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the first Thursday of each month.
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on, the patient gets headaches and shiverings, but he may
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pernicious anaemia fatal from acute pneumonia. In the last-mentioned
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and ignorant nurse-girl who tells the children ghost stories
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patient, it does not cause any weakening of the cardiac action. But it
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cord. This cow yielded 2,640.25 pounds of milk in thirty days.
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New series issued in January, April, July, October.
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was of any value, because the patient was already almost well before the
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the use of subdissociative-dose ketamine for acute pain in the emergency department
of rather more than 47 per cent, of all cases of pylethrombosis at
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strongly, in spite of Mr. Keetley's arguments, that if he had appendicitis he
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(1) Dilatation of vessel- walls : There was marked dilatation of the
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This condition of steatopygy or steatopygia, as it has been termed,
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