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Fragilitas crinium, associated with knotting of the hair (G. W. Dawson), Derm. 7^
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haften Geschwulste " (1863), has drawn attention to the fact that this
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normal gastric acidity. In my opinion, no such conclusion is warranted.
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, surgical value of attempt to preserve vermiform appendix in (C. B. Keetley),
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been proved. One needed, he thought, the same attitude of mind concerning
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true cause appears to be a special disease germ floating
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(21) CACKOVIC, Liecnicki viestnik, No. 7, and private communication. —
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The last case which I wish very briefly to call your attention to is
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Hayden, Horace (1825), demonstrations in operative dentistry given by, Odont. 91
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continue to grow in strength and helpful influence.
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the General Council under the Medical Act of L858 ^^ not provide for
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local astringents for several weeks after the disease in the
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organs, but which are generally absent from fat stored in adipose tissue.
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' ( post mortem, difference in pressure required, dependent on amount of rigor mortis
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A varicocele is a little bunch of twisted and knotted veins
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Monday of each month.