had had man) attacks ol failure of compensation, and he found that digitalis
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Acetylene gas, generated by the action of carbide on
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Mirror, posterior rhinoscopic, modification of (D. McKenzie), Larvng. I
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Monday of each month.
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one carries them off. This is not the same as the acute
The initial dose of sodium salicylate may be : for an adult, 15 gr.,
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Homer A. Stebbins, President S. J. Bonvouloir, Treasurer
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Ganglia, upper cervical and geniculate, herpes of, resulting in facial
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Board of Directors: H. S. Chadbourne*, A. P. Clarridge*, C. E. Cooney, J. H. Doyle, G. C. Eastman*, F. A.
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towards middle line ; the small mass can be pushed inwards towards
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side of the head only. Some patients feel chilly and irrita-
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diminishing the acidity of the gastric contents, and tin- diminution
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, question of production by toxin of whooping-cough, Child. 93
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was a severe case of puerperal septicaemia. She was confined on
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terms. He would have thought it was not so much a benign tumour becom-
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ful arthritis. It was from this point of view that I wrote fche article on
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giant-cell systems undergoing caseation. The swelling 2*5 cm. long, on
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should never be distended. He reports that in two of his patients wl
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(a woman aged 23) in the 'Transactions of the Pathological - ty of
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Calvarium, specimen of, in case of chronic osteomyelitis of the skull (H. Tod), Otol. 7
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nerve cells, together with certain changes within the nerve cell
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