the pathology of syphilis that the Spiroch&ta pallida is found with the
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of toxaemia, apparently produced by ascaris lumbricoides, Child. 3
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mentioned when small doses of strychnia were given, though he did not deny
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infecting cases with history of " cold " or dischi id. 70, 89
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Temperature (bodily), lowering effect, not a reliable variation of, Ana^sth. 57
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grasp of the pharyngeal constrictors and, together with the epiglottis,
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which molasses enters as a constituent is important.
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a question of sluggishness of the colon in these cases, but of inability to defsecate
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, enfeeblement of respiration under fall of blood-pressure, quoted, AjMSsth. 58
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ferer will be saved. Babies in the later stages is easy
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musculature of the pelvic colon and rectum. There were, however, some cases
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government authorities compel all hairdressers and barbers
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blain sometimes breaks into a painful ulcer or sore, which
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reaching maturity, such retirement becoming necessary by reason of the lack of
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condition remained comparatively good. In the spring of 1902 he became
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and the greater the surface burned the greater will be the
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Post-mortem records, proof of spontaneous healing of tuberculous processes from, R.S.M. 49, 50
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both cases there was considerable improvement. Both patient-, -till passed ;i
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Others complain that it does not supply all desirable information upon
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or else occur quite unexpectedly without traceable cause.
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moreover, of the condition in the Sudanese Negresses of the Moun-
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pass through them. The difficulties which Dr. Bruce had mentioned of
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, variations in, proof of possibility of heredity Is . P.-.M
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School lor dissection. I found by inquiring from the workhouse where
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but, in any case, asylum treatment is his only chance of
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being grossly impure or vicious; or at any time entirely
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tumor from a blow, or some other mechanical violence.
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tering injections to prevent collapse, and (3) to permit the interior of the
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capillary network, the high vascularity being doubtless the chief cause of
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Turner, J. G. — Discussion on eruption of the teeth, Odont. 141
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on these lines, or to enter for feats of endurance or
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fat in, examination in health and disease (E. L. Kennaway and J. B. !.■
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the paper showed a good deal of devotion to the subject, and the Section would
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200 Weber & Ledingham : Histology of Case of Myelomatosis
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