Roberts, Adeline M. — Statistics of ulcerative colitis at the Royal Free Hospital, Med. Ill

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inflamed, and he infects one place after another. Patches

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Gossage (p. 86), Dr. Shrubsall (p. 89), Mr. J. Howell Evans (p. 98), Dr. Heron (p. 106),

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Intranasal treatment of asthma, Therap. 115, 116, 12?

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dilute sulphuric acid, 15 minims ; rectified spirit, 2 ounces ;

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formed to short-circuit the gastric contents, preparatory to closing a

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begin to put food into the stomach in the first twelve hours after a haemorrhage,

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about a local storage of fat. Gehewe was the first to point out that the


symptoms, complication of eventration with protrusion of the

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269 real estate loans (average, $3,328 each; average rate 5.50%); 5^%, $895,176.

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clinical notes: Mrs. B., a healthy young woman, six weeks after her

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is more readily destroyed by ulceration than is the gastric wall, with its

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had a more powerful alkaline action. If bicarbonate of soda were given, a large

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one, and it suggests the probability that this measure may be useful

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Board of Directors: J. R. Ball, F. A. Buttrick, F. N. Chandler, F. H. Eaton, J. H. Eaton, J. B. Ewart, W. H.

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"mutual concessions" were needed in the initial stages, they are found

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tively thin layer beneath the adjacent skin, and closely connected with

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bowels. Eegular exercise must be taken and a blue pill to

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soon be introduced to the veterinary profession by Messrs. Sykes

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Weiser, W. R. " Cysts of the Urachus," Ann. of Surg., Philad. , 1906, xliv, p. 529.

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have lost their granules and are clear, their nuclei seem

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