taken seriatim and not specially chosen, with the exceptions mentioned

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Protection for the Hands in Operations. — Dangers of

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Uhlenhuth and Hubencr, role of Bacillus paratyphus B, Bpid. 97

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There are four principle accounting processes, or cycles, in the operation of a

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calcified glands outside the renal area or even on the opposite side. With regard

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only touched the outer surface of the stomach or jejunum, and there was no

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with warmth. When a person does not feel a hot glow after

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makes the patient retch: — Give (to a child) a tea-

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In locomotor ataxia the patient looks to see where he is

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On the 18th, when the animal was killed, her weight was 851

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of this course is self-evident and has redounded to their benefit

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get into it are called septic processes, sepsis, or putrefac-

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Putting articles into the mouth— ^uch as pencils, coins,

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fore the moment a suspicious lump is observed in the

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, treated by lymphangioplasty (W. S. Handley), Clin. 123

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ans we are confronted, not by the question of the relative num-

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the opening closed by suture. Ten months later the patient remained in good

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the warming of houses. Among the poorer classes more


130 c.c. drawn off"; total acidity 34, free hydrochloric acid 9. Under treat-

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take special care of children when teething; but in any

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factor to remember was fche COa. Bj giving an animal ' 1

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[14] Strasburger. Zeitschr. f. klin. Med., 1902, xlvi, p. 413, and 1903, xlviii, p. 491.

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Gastroenterostomy, cases of (E. S. Bishop), Surg. 322, 324, 327, 328, 330,

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cannot be made with any certainty, and the case will not appear in our

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It was found that washings of the stomach contained numbers of

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rated by the two hosts of combatants, respectively. If the so-

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in ancient Egypt has been analysed by Arthur Thomson and D. Bandall-

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peritoneal coat of stomach congested; other things normal. Second

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increased amount of the defensive products in the body of the

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soft and smooth. It has only one objection, which is that when

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Poppies (Shirley), graded reductions in colour, R.S.M. 108, 111, 114

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