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constipation which could not be cured by other means. He (Dr. Hertz) had

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discussion (pp. 144. 145): Dr. W. Williams. Mr SI :-Low. Pr. W. J. Home. Mr.

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attacked was not whether the colon as a whole could be dispensed with, but

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a firecracker or a toy pistol — extraordinary precautions

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A few years ago we heard a good deal about the closure of gastro-

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comparable to any of the previously named main groups — i.e., receiving

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Bubjeotive sensations, Neur. 58, 59, 62, 66, 71. 74

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Board of Directors: N. E. Boyle, H. A. Buckley*, J. A. Bucklev, E. E. Burns*, W. E. Cunningham, W. J.

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have become immune, when the bacilli no longer affect the

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covered, or cannot be treated, and we refer all sufferers

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(Mich,), Watkins Glen Springs, Saratoga Springs, Paso

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southern part of the State, four years ago, but by proper quar-

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ological laboratories will be added for the exclusive use of

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Reference must also be made to the subject of reduction of hernia'

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occur among typewriters, clerks, and telegraphists. Miners

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his individual experiences, will sooner or later discover that he

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diet, giving him about three pounds of lean beef every

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the greatest difference is to be seen between the simple, single

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method for animals to be used for food and milk is questionable,

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The budget is a useful tool for managing the organization if actual results

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, restriction to legally qualified medical practitioners, advocated, Anaesth. 53

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the disproportion will still be maintained, for the local enlargement will

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especially severe about two hours after biking food. Late .'.oiling

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everyone owes it to himself to give up every form of it.

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pretty right if we conclude that scurfiness is caused by the

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operation we cannot disinfect the bursa ; nearly fifty per cent, of

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done much in connexion with the subject of standardizing digitalis. It was

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gastric operations in general. I have already alluded to the infrequency