Aspirin, sodiimi salicylate or salicylate of colchicum.
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high temperature, dry nose, and costive bowels indicated mis-
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They may be gotten rid of by three methods — drainage,
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taken, and too little work done, the whole system becomes
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[2] Brown, Langdon, W. Clin. Journ., Land., 1908, xxxi, p. 109.
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the-brain, which has swelled up their heads, and which
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except for purposes of repair. Thus in the skin and epithelial lining
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Spriggs, E. I. — Case of multiple exostoses, child. 209
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breathe air which is shut up in rooms inadequately circu-
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regard to Dr. Haig's statement which he had made that evening, and which
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On March 10, in reply to a letter of mine, regretting that no more
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very trivial. Of course the appendix would sometimes atrophy with age, but
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Treatment. — There are two ways of treating a varicocele,
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"The Social Standing of the Veterinarian." (3) "An Analysis
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saline injections or nutrient enemas will be followed by wasting, for
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fever, loss of appetite and weakness, in addition to the
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pygy. A third figure (Mas-d'Azil) is very badly executed from a large
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was destroyed, showing few lesions of farcino-glanderous affec-
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fronts. It is well after cleaning to draw a silk thread in
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, group not fermenting lactose, Epid. 136, 138, 148
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in Poirier and Charpey's " anatomy " as the cysto-colic ligament. A
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limited dropsical swelling, such as occurs near poisoned
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the use of rubber gloves is always in order. But these are not
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3 of the whole series of 13'2 cases is it definitely stated that pain was
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Enlarged glands in the groin are produced by gonor-
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in labor. The neighbors and an empiric had been unsuccessful
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Trusting that you will make this correction in justice to Dr.
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for comfort rather than show ; and we only need stimulants
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ceives also theses from veterinarians anxious to get the doctor-
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which breathing takes place and prevent the proper de-
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