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39 share loans (average, $336 each; average rate 6%); 6%, $13,095.
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to avoid rheumatic pains and gouty attacks, and who
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very interesting to hear them. Matthew Hay said that experimentally the
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stored up a supply of energy enough to carry one on
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stomach contents drawn off, 110 c.c, and analysed : —
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Incorporated August 2, 1889. Began business August 8, 1889
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cated with the ureter by an orifice which readily admitted an ordinary
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lobe of the ear, and then of the glands beneath the jaw
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headache and backache, and cannot eat or sleep. Then
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dividual inoculated, but it spreads the infection among the un-
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Creighton (C), on effects of inoculation of Bacillus tuberculosis, quoted, Epid. 109
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liniments or spirituous paints, such as the tincture of
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Although, for reasons given in the introductory remarks at the
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107 loans on certificates 5M%, $25,500; 6%, $13,800.
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John Bale, Sons & Uanielsson, Ltd., 88-91, Greal Titchfield Street, London, W.
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, inversion of, communications to Obstetrical and Gynaecological Section, Obst. 360
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is likely that the paracolic glands at some little distance from the seat
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photograph showed no trace of the button. After consultation with
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some such cases remain bedridden all a lifetime. We can-
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FlG. 5. — Carcinoma of cervix uteri. Nucleolus dividing. Uncommon form
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consisted of round-cells and epithelioid-cells, amongst which no giant-
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Date. Weight. Sp. Gr. Solids. Chlor. Sulph. Phosph. Urea. Al. Sug.
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meetings per year. The issues addressed at these meetings should be of the same
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