above, omit those cases in which an entero-anastomosis was performed.
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2 cases ; rupture of kidney, 1 case ; rupture of lung, 1 case ; rupture of
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in treatment of disease of Fallopian tubes, effectual application, Electr. 125
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and here the urine increased from 71 c.c. in the -I I up to
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Drs. Pearson and Gilliland, the latter assistant bacteriologist
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Board of Directors: G. J. Alcott, W. H. Bassett, F. W. Capel, Thomas Carroll, S. B. Cholerton*, A. E. Cox,
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tion of the thumb. The pain manifests itself through spasmodic
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of the subject, the anode of the tube being in the usual relation to the
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long catalogue of very indefinite symptoms, and if you
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Operation. The various operations which have been done
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gastric muscle and superiorly until the lingual nerve coining
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(round-celled) of lower jaw, cast- of (H. Chapman and E. Rock Carling), Odont. 118
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, laryngeal vertigo (crisis) ocourring during early oa
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sporadic cretin at full term, the lower of the two sections being represented.
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attitude never shown in Egyptian figures. Then to the south this type
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L. C. Jenness, C. B. McDougald, W. H. Stewart*, J. A. Warren, Bertha E. White, C. C. Winter*.
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You may be losing invaluable time. See a doctor as soon
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distension of the ureter by the urine, nor in response to chemical stimu-
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Division's Exhibit consists of tuberculins, anti-tubercle serums,
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Cattle, breeding of, on Mendelian principles, R.S.M. 109
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post-mortem examination. I found the lungs in very bad con-
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the operator was thoroughly familiar with the operation, and on
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the tail a diminutive cylindrical stump representing the terminal,
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Pharmacopoeia as often as they shall deem n necessary/'
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In the slowest growing of malignant tumours there must be m
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perforated jejunal ulcer adherent to the left rectus muscle was found at the
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or taste, and should not be too hard with dissolved lime.
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teric artery. We have not seen direct vessels entering glands at a higher
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■ For the state exemption, see the Franchise Tax Board publication, "Exempt
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, hysterectomy for large cervical fibroid during pregnancy, Obst. 101 ; discussion (p. 103) :
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Accordingly, while such an hypothesis is consistent with our results,
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important financial trends and issues highlighted in an accompanying narrative
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disease of the hepatic blood-vessels has been discovered in fche fatal - s,
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The products of combustion are injurious to health. The
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die in attacks of asthma. But if they occur too frequently,
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species of strophanthus deprived of their awns are so much alike that
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considerably, the streptococci had disappeared from the blood, and the
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Case III. — The patient was a male, aged 36. First attack of
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neck, but is not continuous with it. The child was born in the
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valued the importance of a rising pulse-rate, but they had perhaps said less
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done at once ; and that to travel to London before it was done might
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of the joints have been violently treated and they soon
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