recurred soon after patient left hospital, and early in 1898 patient was re-

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waste matters in the system, to produce headaches, and

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, two breeds of tabby cats in, pronounced examples of mutation, R.S.M. 115

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ness, shivering, and fever, headache, dryness of tongue,

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difference of opinion. The muscles of the shoulders, ribs

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financial information it is considering as part of its oversight function is accurate

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inflammation of them as occurs with rheumatism, there is

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It will be seen from an inspection of the figure that the stature of

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furred; temperature 99'6° F., pulse 98; very apathetic and difficult to

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written on this subject, so that jejunal ulcer following gastrojejnno

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do not get sick headache until they have smoked too much.

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Wutz and Delore and Cotte, and he had observed that the muscular sheath

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, causal organism, difficulties respecting, Epid. 91

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not say that any medicines have power to cure palsies, ex-

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which the proximal portion is broadened by fat, the terminal moiety

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of enzymol, Otol. 83 ; discussion (p. 84) : Dr. D. Grant, Dr. Bronner (reply)

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25. After a test meal 200 c.c. of stomach contents were drawn off; total

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which do not conform to this description, either because of peculiar

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such as germs of some kinds, orange-peel juice, arnica,

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cows to a feeding tuberculosis. 2 Second, they determined from

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(4) That of these the most important are severe and continuous pain,

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abdomen generally was tender, but the pain was mnch less and was

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Treatment of eczema — ^We know that there are certain

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plies this by 6.25 to obtain the equivalent amount of crude

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Another form of goiter is that commonly called Grave's

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chloroform was made, but had to be abandoned, probably owing to the

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rather than circular, shape of the pupil in equine species. Ap-

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a day. Sulphur lozenges and Cod-liver oil are also useful