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which was found to be perforated. Was this perforation pathological or

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fied form. Corn meal being omitted and some oats substituted.

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gloom; they despair of all things, often refuse food, will

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infect the entire foot and apply the elastic bandage or tourniquet

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versity of Marburg, Germany, has become renowned throughout

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though I have so many of these in casts taken from the living body I

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impurities. Drinks of hot lemon water should be taken

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began to emaciate. On the sixth day a second operation was performed,

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I. — Organic heart disease. — The several forms of or-

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being cut through, was obviously of transparent, soft, pale yellow fat ;

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has taken place in the residues of connective tissue representing a

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better results than did the typhoid vaccine in the past, and had prepared many

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dry and coated, and cause an unnatural thirst ; the appetite

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A small duodenal fistula was discovered in addition to the

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right great trochanter was found to be due to the fact that the neck