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Acetone, inhalation treatment of asthma by, Therap. 118

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or other action involving the records that started before the three-year period.

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258 Shattock : Normal Tumour-like Formations of Fat

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New series issued in January, April, July, October.

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A saliva ejector attached to a water-tap, with receiver to catch extracted fluids

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floor of his room were covered with the coffee-coloured material he had

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was not fair, at any rate in dealing with diseased bloods, to leave altogether out

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the force of expiration- i.e. t the more the lungs were distended the feebler would

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ball to relieve it from foreign bodies which may fall upon it.

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contend against enormous competition. The weak-nerved

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expressed a note of regret that the Pharmacopoeia was not a text-book

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Incorporated March 29, 1928. Began business April 10, 1928

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It is important to bear in mind that the medical t;

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disease of a joint, especially of the knee, but it should not

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Date (1907) Weight in grm. of water of solids Weight in grn>. of water of solids

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Mr. Stanley Mum.mkkv asked whether Mr. Godlee considered that all

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Liniment of iodine is good for painting on chilblains, and

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given rise to in these cases, must of necessity cause me to rank

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Meachen, G. N. — Case of bromide eruption, Derm. 80

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in contracts with one city department to comply with provisions of the city's

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Nervous, Excitable People. — ^Bermuda, Jamaica, Cuba,

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the wound lightly packed with gauze. Leucocyte couni . 1 5,200 per cubic

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obturator hernia; A, space previously occupied by sac.

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question of rheumatism C. concludes from the various symp-

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, relation of personal infection to, in diarrhoea, Epid. 37, 38

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Dr. Hertz, Mr. R. P. Rowlands, Mr. H. F. Waterhouse, Mr. Keetley (reply)

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Medical knowledge has made immense strides during the

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you take a portion of bowel or ureter and cause spasmodic contraction

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on gastrostaxis associated with gangrene of fingers, Clin. 4

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their thoracic limbs. The following is from Chauveau, the emi-

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ing during adolescence, breathing exercises were very beneficial; in carrying them

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body. The disease begins generally in the thirties. The

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, congenital cerebellar ataxy, Neur. 108 ; discussion (p. 109) : Dr. F. Buzzard