bowel through some artificially-made opening, such as the
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Hank. Per vaginam, nil. Temperature 99'6 E\, pulse 96, respiration
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following a movement involving great strain on the abdominal muscles, he
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are rest in bed, abstinence from alcohol, and purging.
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Prof. Walley found hsematuria, and also excess of urea and
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quite cold to the touch, there was no trace of corneal reflex. The only
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on specimen of brain, cerebral diplegic spasticity. Child. 162
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a share loans (average, $386 each; average rate 6%); 6%, $15,810.
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menstruation, pregnancy, <fec.) really depended on small changes in complement-
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arteriosclerosis. We might here also refer to nicotine. Nicotine produces
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the success of the treatment was due to the fact that the case was seen early.
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cost of prevention may be greater than that of a general diffu-
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Laurent Leopold Trasbot, honorary director of the Al-
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types are still recognized as being more prone than others
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gonorrhea, syphilis, influenza, beri-beri, diabetes. {See
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to four times a day for two days. Other treatment was amm.