slowly affected in man, rapidly in animals, in nutmeg poisoning, Therap. 71

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their physical bodies or their minds. How is it that to-day

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, apparent cases recovering without operation, Surg. 22

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obtained through increased values of every asset held by closed banks.

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ter than to spend, not a rushing minute or two, but quiet hours,

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connects nonprofit organizations, donors, foundations, and businesses. This connection will serve as

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pain and discomfort in the intervals between these acute crises. Ber

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Buchheim, action of saline purgatives, quoted, Therap. 21

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Bleeding Wounds. — ^When a cut is received on fingers or

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joined to the descending limb by means of a Murphy's button. The patient

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Bystem, diseases Of, treatment by vaccines, result8, Therap. 149

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weight are shown in the following tables ; which, however,

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Benda. "Verein f. inn. Med.," Berl., November 2, 1908, report in Berl. klin. Wochenschr.,

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at Great Yarmouth, prevalence due to consumption of m

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no, or very little, accompanying pain, even at a time when the rough

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mass of reticular twigs, designated, the rete mirabile (wonderful

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" Y type," and gastrojejunostomy with entero-anastomosis.

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necrobiotic interstitial fibroid removed from patient three months pregnant with-

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resistance of these cattle to virulent tubercle bacilli of bovine

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the throat and making a choking sensation. Then she falls

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losis of bovine origin which was reduced in virulency by treat-

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The committee on line and open season, consisting of Drs.

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rough and irregular, deeply scored by grooves and foramina for \>

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The specimen here described consists of the stomach and pylorus

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which had a bearing on the subject in question. He opened the abdomen

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the heart try their best to stop the poison, and to destroy

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— macroscopical and microscopical reports on (T. W. P.

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rapidly away, if you cannot save him, in a day or two. He

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