If the meso-appendix is thick or wide it may be button-holed and
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person from another. But there is something in the idea
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of the General Medical Council from lS ( .).s onwards have r« i almost
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121; discussion (pp. 122-124): Dr. Scanes Spicer, Sir Felix Semon, Dr. 0. O. Haw-
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volume issued by the authority of an Act of Parliament, and its sanction must
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become so modified as to form what are termed albuminoids of
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together with a granulomatous peritonitis. From the abscesses a strep-
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At first the red flush comes on just after eating or after
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the first-named cause, it is not always the most obese subject that i> the
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transverse colon. The peritoneum is also divided in a direction down-
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if later, give a sharp purge of black draught. For some
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quite so bad. Still the disease is rampant here and has been
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with boric acid ointment on lint. After a day or two the
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an extensive horn tumor. The animal was intensely lame. The
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their respective toxins and digestive ferments. We have now
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Treatment. — The patient will be all the better for a good
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[5] Falk. Jahresb. il. d. Tierchemie, 1881, xi, p. 444.
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of the stomach and jejunum when they are maintained in apposition
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Ashes may be disposed of by the producer in the coun-
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And it may therefore be a special function of the liver to build up out
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are not those who do some work in life, and fill their hours
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Hip-joints, ankylosis of both, following scarlet fever (0. L. Addison), Child. 170
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depth where the remains of the Bronze Age begin. The strata in the
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The surgical dexterity acquired by the American veterinary
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Poisoning by uric acid, question discussed, Therap. 67