that its bowels were opened soon afterwards. From this single incon-

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chalkstones, skin eruptions, irritable heart, muscular pains,

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at Brighton, prevalence due to shell-fish, Epid. 229, 230

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three symptoms — feverishness; "cold" in the head, nose,

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by dropsy and hemorrhage, are the weU-recognized results

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Heredity, influence on angioneurotic oedema with scleroderma of extremities, Clin. 51, 58, 202

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Infantile Paralysis (Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis). —

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their commanding officers, through military channels. This

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jlncluding stock in Federal Home Loan Bank and Home Owners' Loan Corp. bonds.

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disease, no free fluid, and no intraperitoneal tumour. Below the

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Muscular exertion, influence in producing spontaneous nystagmus, Otol. 65

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In a second example, like foot-and-mouth disease, we find a

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section of transverse colon ; C, point of ligature of left colic artery ; D, line

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point about the diet is that it must contain as little as

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portal vein, seen in the left lobe of the liver on Bection. No other vessel

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Frank L. Brier, President Lawrence S. Bearse, Treasurer

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Renshaw, K. — New growth of the epiglottis for diagnosis, Laryng. 87

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strain or hard manual labor, is liable to have an aneurism.

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(Other authorized locations for receipt of moneys: United States Trust Co., 30 Court Street, Boston, and

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have noticed the hernia in the course of a post-mortem examination.

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a mare which the owner and a neighbor had tried to operate on,

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Rigidity of the abdominal muscles is of the utmost importance as a

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a certain small amount of defensive material which tends to

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the percentage of free hydrochloric acid in the fluid escaping from the

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tions for medicine will be found written in drachms and

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and infant, communications to Obstetrical and Gynaecological Section, Obst. 361

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Dore, S. E. — Case of syphilitic eruption in a man, with psoriasis, 1 term. 31; d ■

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Harmond, D. M. Holman, W. R. Hurley, M. J. L. Kennedy, W. J. Martin, W. T. McCormick, Niel Millar,

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and legs of some weeks' duration. She had previously enjoyed good

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Incorporated June 11, 1913. Began business June 21, 1913.

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- S. Jones, Trans. PatJi. Soc. Lond., 1881, xxxii. p. 243.

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Liver : The right lobe of the liver appears to be forced down below

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1 per cent, salt solution. This emulsion is then poured into a