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The following are some of the Next Generation Sunshine Standards covered in the STOP Bullying Show


3rd Grade

HE.3.B.2.3 - Demonstrates nonviolent strategies to manage or resolve conflict.

PE.3.C.1.7 - Explain how appropriate practice improves performance of movement skills.

PE.3.C.1.8 - Analyze peer performance and provide feedback.

PE.3.R.1.3 - Take responsibility for his/her own behavior.

PE.3.R.2.4 - Appreciate the good performance of others.

TH.3.H.3.3 - Plan and perform a simple performance based on a theme from another content area.

4th Grade

HE.4.B.2.1 - Explain effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills to enhance health.

HE.4.B.2.3 - Discuss nonviolent strategies to manage or resolve conflict.

HE.4.C.2.2 - Explain the important role that friends/peers may play on health practices and behaviors.

HE.4.P.2.1 - Assist others to make positive health choices.

PE.4.R.1.2 - Regularly encourage others and refrain from put-down statements.

PE.4.R.2.1 - Recognize physical activity as a positive opportunity for social and group interaction.

5th Grade

HE.5.B.2.3 - Illustrate effective conflict resolution strategies.

HE.5.B.2.4 - Determine ways to ask for assistance to enhance the health of self and others.

HE.5.C.2.2 - Predict how friends/peers may influence various health practices of children.

PE.5.R.2.1 - Recognize that participation in physical activity is a source of self expression and meaning.

PE.5.R.2.3 - Identify enjoyable physical activities.

TE.5.H.1.2 - Participate in a performance to explore and celebrate a variety of human experiences.