it not be possible, by a considerable increase of the dose, to produce a
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such sequestra upon susceptible animals, I have had a uniform
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In mild cases, a good plan is to scrape the nail down the
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in health were not puppies, neither were they such growing
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to get well, but it should be their greatest concern that thej
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Electrode, conductivity of, dependent on length of periphery in contact with skin, Electr. 3, 4
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the trunk, except in two, being absent. In each of the six seated figures
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Greenwood, M. Jun. — The problem of marital infection in pulmonary tubercn
medicated with compound tincture of benzoin (teaspoonful
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guinea-pigs and rabbits, but in some instances imparted to in-
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cord. This cow yielded 2,640.25 pounds of milk in thirty days.
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under the influence of the great emotion his brain put forth inhibitory imp
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contract amount, it is essential that these funds are identified early and
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discussion (pp. 144. 145): Dr. W. Williams. Mr SI :-Low. Pr. W. J. Home. Mr.
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there seemed to be a relaxation of the unstriped muscle, in which tl.
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Goebel. Deutsch. med. Wochenschr., 1907, xxxiii, p. 1708.
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The preparations soluble in acetone, referred to in the first group of
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Moses, Books of, reference to prevalence of dental diseases wanting in, Odont. 73
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come tingling and numbness, or burning pains in feet and
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obviously consists of fat. Of the three in the mesentery, one is 25 cm.
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days without sleep, but many persons do not sleep so long
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hearl and the pulmonary congestion, and in turn the difficulty of
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is in reality a disease of the whole body, involving the whole
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ercise, or those who require a little more of the intellectual
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Faulder, T. .Jkiit.hson. — Stenosis of larynx in a child, I.
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— Donated services and materials — You may be required to place a
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Coal gas gives a yellow or orange flame which is usually
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20 111 to 30 ui, and repeated for thirty-six to forty-eight hours, at
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There were some authorities who desired thai the Pharmacopoeia should
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the fact that from the diagonally opposite flexures, the hepatic and
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Sudden giddiness, followed by vomiting of several pints oi dark material. V
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In one asthmatic patient, who was also the subject of gout, 1 found
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To the two cases at present adduced I could add a few more from
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On September 8 I opened the abdomen in the middle line. Tin-
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skin. In the rude native paintings made by South African Bushmen on the
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to keep the mouth as germ free as possible by the use sev-
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where. Numerous spots of yellow-brown bile in sections of the right
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tint; it is puffy and tender, and the patch tends to spread.
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Sewage disposal, insufficient, causing contamination of shell-fish in Belfast Lough, Epid. 213
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among the cells of the same malignant growth. Though, as has already
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Richter, P. F., collected cases of acute atrophy of liver associated with s<
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fifteen years 1894-1908; (2) some statistics of various forms of "colitis" occurring
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