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sometimes for months, and often lying harmless for a long

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gastroenterostomy in cases where haemorrhage is or has '>een actively

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serum so long as the living microbes remain in the system

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Vertex presentations, occipito-anterior positions, procedure in, Obst. 173, 174, 176

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Golden tooth reputed to be possessed by boy, nature of, Odont. 84

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This goes on sometimes for six weeks or more. As to the

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Brassempouy, figures illustrating steatopygy at, Path. 222

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development is the same ; no matter in what joint, simple or

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of quinine was sufficiently large or sufficiently small. The dose of 1 gr. to 10 gr.

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(4) Pomade for the heads of children in a school or

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Dr. W. J. MlDELTON agreed that there was a diplococcus which wa>

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Mucosa, intestinal, intense inflammation of, proceeding to

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Whitechapel, skulls from supposed plague pit in, showing torus palatums, Surg. 184, 189

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of tonsil, pharynx and tongue (R. H. Scanes Spicer), Laryng. 161

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There is no other organ in the body in which anything like such large


may with advantage enumerate the signs and symptoms which may be

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great difficulty owing to the thinness of its walls at this point. The

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pneumonia. Microscopic examination of this part of the lung pro.

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denly becomes paralyzed, but does not lose his senses. He

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— inulase. The utilization of the fat reserve in many oily seeds is

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region and finger and thumb respectively. The length of time that

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coUc yields to opium, but a doctor must be consulted about

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granulations (the pinkish granular flesh of the sore) are

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cotton and linen fabrics will generally be found the coolest.

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she began to Buffer from recurrenl attacks of pain in the right kidney,

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these five cases the ulcers were multiple. In contrast to this we find

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on this aspect ; at either side it is sharply bounded by the nuclear

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tion being the Belgian method. The author records the other

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