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experience with it, now based on fourteen cases, had been very .favourable.

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sistance to bovine tuberculosis. He, like the Americans and

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tumor to be felt in the beUy and the patient begins to

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usually disappears and the urachus becomes extraperitoneal. That the

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Belgium, where, according to Mr. Meuleman, who writes an

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quantities of food, generally of a wholesome sort, however ;

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other federally funded program in the current or prior period

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Cases of typhoid fever vary very much in severity; a

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panosomes is treated with a dose of arsenic, the parasites rapidly dis-

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attached. No muscle directly concurs in the movements of the

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survey may not be altogether without interest and may enable others

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manifestations of glanders the day following the virulent injec-

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away the patient sleeps well. Sedative doses strong enough

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Deviations, theory of, in relation to biometry, R.S.M. 127

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virgin uterus, lying in the position of the menstruating tract along

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subsequently for the acids from the isolated lecithin fraction, and less

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first center and may run a course of many months, and

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secreting very slightly, with double indolent inguinal bubo. The nature

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the result and not the cause of that "loss of manly vigor,"

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sidered to be a result of something wrong with the nervous

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ently depicted, the thigh itself being shown slender. Copies of such

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chloric acid, a trace of lactic acid, and a total acidity of 35. An X-ray

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said that she felt extremely well ; there were still, however, occasional

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daily injections of hot water for the prevention of constipation. The

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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 25%

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poisonous to those parasites than to other lower organisms. Thus the

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■ Cash receipts — Ensure that all cash intended for the organization is

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might overlook some incipient tuberculous or other affection, on De-

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— — ■ , percentage at each factory, Odont. 62

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in both these cases, the ulcer healed, they can hardly be regarded as

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to live in a dry climate, or failing that, a warm one. He