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tar vapor, and oxygen gas ; but they have all failed to check
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to the Commissioner of Banks. There has been a considerable amount of legislation
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from salicylates. The doses need to be large and frequently repeated,
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, macroscopic and microscopic appearances in case of tare disease of long bones,
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produced at 9.15, 9.40, and 9.45 respectively in the three individuals —
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which ara very apt to form. (jSee "Bedsores.") Lastly and
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urine becoming normal, the calculus having presumably passed, on X-ray
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-, endowment with pathogenicity through agency of enzymes, Epid. ill, 112
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is just as likely to become affected as another, whatever may be their
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87U share loans (average, $340 each; average rate 5.66%); 5J^%, $198,810; 6%, $97,920; 6}^%, $300.
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five. Taking the eighty means as separate observations, we analysed the
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, psychic element in causation of, Therap. 121, 122
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ject a poison into the skin which makes it swell so that
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The humerus in man is relatively much longer than that of
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Baly, P. — Discussion on formalin and other root-dressings, Odont. 116
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that there was not an unusual general obesity. One of the seated figures
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his professional work, viz. : Meat inspection in our great cities.
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Cyon, experimental work on semicircular canals, alluded to, Otol. 43
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tonitis beyond the gradually accelerated pulse-rate : there was no pain, rigidity,
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Gaertner's tonometer for taking arterial pressure in finger, Med. 46
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— to disease connected with bio-chemical changes in the body, R.S.M. 13
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temporary, unless one excised a portion of the pylorus or of the intestine
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interview with Mrs. Mayo this afternoon she said that the
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in France in 1762 with the founding of the Veterinary School
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Littlefield, A. A. MacDonald, J. W. McCarty, F. P. McNiff*, D. A. Nelson*, O. E. Reynolds, W. S.
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run horn on each side of the toe-crack carefully removed. Anti-
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, torsion of parovarian cyst during (W. G. Nash). <
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(Other authorized location for receipt of moneys: American Trust Company Branch of First National Bank,
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and Paul L. Giuseppi, F.R.C.S. ... ... ... ... ... 1
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because of a natural or acquired resistance are, when
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terms with a dog of the house, but he had the bad habit of run-
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, of legs, variable wandering thrombosis'? (H. D. Rolleston), Clin. 59
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pimples. They do not last many days, often come and
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urinary bladder appeared healthy. The body of the uterus contained
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bowel the last to become invaginated, were points of interest ; and that
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usually from one to two year-. In several of fch< only a