spinal analgesia offering, perhaps, the safe solution to the difficulty.
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Hemiplegia, or paralysis of one side, is generally of sud-
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get cured of. Every person with even bad tuberculous
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bacco. Scirrhous cancer is the form Tvhich women gener-
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traces of previous and prolonged suffering. Her appetite was poor,
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accumulations of fat, but that they a«re enlargements of the structures
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burden imposed on the medical student, and steps were taken to facili-
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Henderson, W. S. Hewitt, J. H. King, M. D. Mealev*, C. V. Aliller, Fred Norris*, Max Orlick, L. W. Rand,
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fat and want to reduce it, first consult a doctor. Let him
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" Neurotic excoriations " (H. G. Adamson), Derm. 67 ; discc
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mary ailment, I incidentally came across a very large mass, the
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Sanatoria (German), results deduced from, of co-efficient of correlation for existence of
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Beitrttge sur path. Anat. und.zurallg, Path., Jena, 1908, xxxv., p. 317. Since then other
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tonic effect and reduce the liability to catch colds. They
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Lymphatic and venous systems in abdomen, communication between, Surg. 15S
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doubt as to the diagnosis* Moreover, the hard lymphatic cords up the arm —
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paper had been guided in selecting his remedial suspensions, as he found a low
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— in London (1901-2), method of decline, Epid. 244
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Lung, consolidation of, with purulent bronchitis, following impaction of foreign body in
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There was impaired resonance between the umbilicus and pubes from
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Mr. CORNEK, replying on the discussion, said the patient in question
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elsewhere and carried in the blood-stream to the brain. One would
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ultaneously contracted fingers, which glide from above to below
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only protozoon diseases, as malaria, syphilis, and sleeping sickness, have
ner surface ; the left hand flexes the limb by resting upon the
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W nli such a view of the true function of the Pharmacopoeia it became obvious
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learned to do without what we really do not need. It is in
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Because the mare was doing no work she was put on half ra-
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in adult subjects where the urachus was otherwise normal. The authors
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the health of the body were normal, and if the stomach emptied itself in the
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