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to hospital (two weeks after the onset) he coughed incessantly. He had
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treatment by : distance from glass of various sized tubes at which patients must be
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the arteries, to nourish the whole of the tissues of the body.
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Board of Directors: W. R. Amesburv, A. H. Avery, A. L. Barnes, A. E. Blackmer, E. L. Burgess*, L. M. Bur-
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system that he had described the exact position of the ureters in relation to
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, effect of inoculation of streptothrix on, Path. 279
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amount of air going into the lungs rapidly increased. When the stimulus ceased
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the occasional occurrence of nuclear fragmentation.
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of mite which lives, male and female, on the skin, and
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students or practitioners, but for the protection of patients for whom the drug
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to keep everyone out of the room except the nurse and
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(posterior) fibrillar deflection by rotation, either Bide singly, th.
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in some of the dusty trades — such as grinders, 49% of
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sufficiently common clinical complication. Possibly such patients were really
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for it appears that Cuba has placed such an enticing position at
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if the portal vein alone is involved, the most prominent symptom is that
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heavy harness classes, asking for information about the breed-
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operations of the " Y type " (including entero-anastomosis) have been
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day, and after seven days of treatment all the symptoms had
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the rectum each evening and allowing it to be retained, and the following
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If, through neglect of these precautions, any of the above-menl
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Leucin, presence of, not essential to diagnosis of acute yellow atrophy of liver, Path. 49
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organ such as the lung) , made of a collection of cells which
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the mustard-water has not yet acted, and then will ad-
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about one inch back of its toe, suppurating freely, tendon in-
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only a mesh work of " ground substance " (" Stutzgewebe," made up of
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presented at our next Legislature and the following committee
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trouble has existed or occasionally complicated the course of the
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70 Keetley : Preservation of the Appendix Vermiformis