will leave less scar or deformity. It has the objection of com-

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estimate the amount of nitrogen recovered, the rest being regarded as absorbed.

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Board of Directors: J. S. Adie, J. E. Aitken, L. S. Breed, T. P. Buckley, A. W. Clark, J. H. Dearborn, H. R.

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Ca8( XXII, The patient, a man. aged 39, was operated on early in

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Case XXIII. — The patient, a female, seen with Dr. John Wood, had

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Herpes (Pronounced Her-peez). — "Shingles" is the old-

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, consumption when raw followed by more severe attacks oi typhoid than si

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, treatment, alternation in, beneficial, Laryng. 71, 72

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Dr. ARTHUR KEITH said that so far as his knowledge of the matter went

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when a single audit or program-specific audit is required for fiscal years

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impossible to catch malaria without being stung by a cer-

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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 25% of last dividend

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erated on a few weeks after birth. Of course, there is no

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enter a plea for the more extended use of squill in place of digitalis in

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39, for dilated stomach with epigastric pain. He remained well until July

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latter three weeks or more had elapsed. Accordingly the former — i.<..

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a combination takes up more time than can always safely be spent after

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lar as possible, tuberculous material of bovine origin — i. e.,

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of the fingers cross or lay upon each other. With the soft parts

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first perceptible changes are only a simple ecchymosis^ varying

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various types of nonprofit organizations. See the BOE website at:

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that of a lecithin obtained by Erlandsen from the bullock's heart

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these letters, giving reasons for the delay, as I had been detailed

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Acne. — (See "Blackheads.") The little porea and fol-

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through the abdominal incision only, that was tried first, before the crural

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The answer to the question as to whether syphilis can

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greatly, and now that the experiment has been given a thorough

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was very slightly tinged. In every instance control experiments \<

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Orton, G. H. — Discussion on bicipital tubercle of radius and X-ray examination, Electr. 43

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A cataract is an opaque spot on the lens of the eye. It is

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minutes or more, but even then they were not so deeply stained as