diet, general quietness, and now and then morphine injections
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sion (pp. 41, 42): Dr. Home, Dr. Watson Williams, Dr. Pegler (reply)
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in October, 1934, and 139.74 per cent in October, 1935, to 177.19 per cent in October,
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second lumbar vertebra. By means of this radiogram the shadow
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Minimum Compensation Ordinance (MCO), as set forth in San Francisco
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Thyroid gland in dogs, effects of removal. "Med. 5. 34, 35, 36
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continue to grow in strength and helpful influence.
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case, in which the shitting o\' the seat of pain afforded material help
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other some antitrypanic body which may be called mouse-poison. In
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Alexandra, H.M.S.. fever on, lipid. 174, 178; ventilation of, Epid. 172, 173
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excision and anastomosis at the first operation. The safer method
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separable at their lower borders from the parts beneath; rhe perineum
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(chronic) with intestinal obstruction, treatment by csecostomy, Surg. 97
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1 T. B. Curling, F.R.S., Med.-Chir. Trans., Land., 1850, xxxiii, p. 303.
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keep up a noisy disturbance of mixed crying, screaming,
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here can be ascertained by a large local injection of cocaine.
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port-wine nSBVUS (If. Radcliffe Crocker), Derm. 155
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(counter-clockwise), observable during attentive deviation
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secreted by the appendix was greater. He protested against assertions as to
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, involvement on left side in case of infantile paralysis with paraplegic distribution
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morbus cordis, complete transposition ; transposition of liver, spleen, and large
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is "something wrong with the spine," or with the "womb,"
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reaction, but in other parts there was considerable small cell-infiltration
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A further Egyptian figure is described in "El Amrah and Abydos,"
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covered no intestinal tumour. The patient was difficult to feed, her
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M. C, aged 32, sent by Dr. Davie, of Fallowfield, February, 1909.