Waterhouse, H. F. — Discussion on preservation of appendix vermiformis, Surg. 102
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, recovery from urine and stomach contents, tests for, Therap. 131
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of nine months after he was first seen he remained well.
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jejunal ulcers do not present a pleasing picture. I have been able to
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couraged. Then with a fine-pointed delicate knife, he will
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radiogram. This observation is made possible by the radiograms on
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ease the weight of the animal dropped from 472 kilogs. to 315.
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vegetable or animal cell, that is, the elementary form of organ-
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St. Lawrence Biver. — The Thousand Islands offer a de-
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gressing failure of sight, due to disease to the nerve struc-
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quite fat. The paper stated that a very important factor in the causation of
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fatigued, loses appetite, and has vague pains in the head,
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Ulcers. — The conunon word for ulcer is "sore," and, of
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my old friend, Prof. Liautard, at Paris, giving me a rejoinder
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able, for before this treatment was begun she appeared to be d
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that animals with a temperature of 39 need not be submitted
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disposition may be hereditary, as in the case of tuberculosis.
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power of the various pancreatic preparations, the lipolytic ferment was
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for interfering with them than with the lower lumbar glands. Moreover,
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1'Uterus," Revue de Gyn. et de Chir. alnlom., Pans, 1908, xii, ,p. 777.
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into two drops (fig. 5). Occasionally we find nucleoli budding after they
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Harold R. DufEe, President James E. Aitken, Treasurer
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Incorporated February 21, 1911. Began business March 9, 1911
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on case of toxaemia apparently produced by ascarii Inmbricoides, Child. 3
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