86 share loans (average, $167 each; average rate 5.50%); 5^4%, $14,400.

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(hemolytic), action on blood and tissues (L. S. Dudgeon, P. N. Panton and E. A. Ross),

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send for the doctor at once. In the meantime, if you know

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division of the nucleolus is generally a small excrescence upon its surface

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and its apex opened at once as a safety valve to prevent extravasation

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in labor. The neighbors and an empiric had been unsuccessful

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Pneumonia, with cerebral symptoms, associated with hyperpyrexia in children, Child, i

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seriously injured. Some four hours later, when seen by one of us, he

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of my continued close contact with and participation in this activity I have had

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chanced to turn up at the hospital a few days since, and lie was able to

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from one another. If, on the other hand, one eye looks

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observations were still continued, upon two of them, for a week

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(left), oedema of, due to venous thrombosis, followed by muscular hypertrophy (P. Parkes

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Whitehead, Dr. W. MilHgan, Mr. Weal (reply), Mr. Scott (reply)

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remains in contact with the nuclear membrane for some time, but

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which was supposed to be a testicle, when the information was

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It is said that the method has been found successful after recurrent

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signs of heart failure with breathlessness, pulmonary congestion and

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a fin from the porpoise in the College Museum, which I have examined

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both tables are those of patients in whom the diagnosis was, in my

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it were an artery. I kept the portion attached to the cyst for micro-

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than the pain manifested. A number of times the pain was

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is rapid ; there is restlessness, and a feeling of anxiety, and

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because sarcomata were at times very slow-growing and for years cans

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the best way is to keep mosquitoes away from the malarial

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turning the apex upward and backward, under the belief that it

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be fine, and the pressure regulated by adjusting the escape valve

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tion, or which can be opened towards the distal end and cured of their defects. The following

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full month — must elapse between the two injections. After this

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It should be remembered that the late Professor Ricord, with I

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takes it up again, to swallow it with difficulty. She drinks in a

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in the cavity of the stomach. The anterior stomach wall had been

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tempting relief of such pains, the average human being

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, re. 1 and white, diapedesis of, under X-ray dermatitis, Electr. 27, 28, 31

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