Intellect, brilliancy of, in children of the insane, R.S.M. 32
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with and can be felt at the back part of the lower end of
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the greatest difference is to be seen between the simple, single
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an inch or two out of the belly, especially prominent when
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years old are constantly being added to, strengthened and re-
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remainder is easy : i, operate on young bovines, from five to
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Suction (continuous) application in surgery by electrically-driven air-pump, fitted with
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whether combined with excision of lymphatic glands or not, it is
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superior to the ordinary method, if it is equally good and not
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events like the boat race, it would not be much better if
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Lettering the same as in fig. '2 with the addition of I.S.O.H., inverted sac of
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the first part of the large intestine being involved.
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saponified and the percentage of fatty acids contained in it determine
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Dust particles on the street come largely from small
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appendix is cut off altogether, level with the skin if there is no wish to
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perforation of, five years after anterior gastrojejunostomy for pyloric stenosis,
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Rolleston, H. D. — Discussion on ascites due to heart disease cun
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only the local sign of a general constitutional weakness,
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(3) Trypsin destroys the activity of pepsin and papain.
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8 c.c. liquor pancreaticus was incubated for an hour. The solution was
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Carleton A. Fletcher, President Walter P. Abbott, Treasurer
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Acetylene gas, generated by the action of carbide on
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may sink and die, or he may perhaps sleep it off, or he
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fact that the bodies are kept in a freezing chamber in the post-mortem
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Acute ascites, cause unknown, great emaciation ; food refused ; tempera-
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first place we all, or nearly aU, eat a good deal more than
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some of my own invention, without success. If you could give
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Note. — The references are to the Sectional Proceedings t whi paged indi The
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be subdued by lead lotion, zinc ointment, or by a lotion
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the tissues divided with the scissors, so as to isolate the penis.
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life everyone regrets these marks, for if tattooing is prop-
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An answer to the question, What degree of credibility attache- to
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dysentery, or of casual expressions of opinion. An exception is an
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— of body of uteru of treatment by vaginal hysterectomy; freedom from recurrence
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It may be stated that the development of the ulna is in direct
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ing all the symptoms of an acute attack, with likely rapid termi-
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between the lower pole of the kidney and the iliac crest, and
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Now scurf is a local disease, and does not require "medi-
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