, phenomena of rotation and sense of vertigo, quoted, (J to!.

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versity. Prof. W. Owen Williams, of course, holds on to the

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duce more of the antitoxic materials. In many cases the cells

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sion of the sinuses were found in cases of typhoid fever, some cases

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with two pints of cold water and a pinch of salt; put the

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Lipomata, intra-abdominal, specimen from St. George's Hospital, Path. 207 2 -

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Cystomata of ovaries (one or both), complicating fibromyoma of uterus, Obst. 53

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Gulls, growth of, dependent upon hatching of emi 3.M. 15

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certified public accountant. During the review, the CPA asks questions of

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, diseases of, value of systematic examination of movements of eyes in, Otol. 12

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employer share of social security, and other taxes) should be withheld and

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solution of which there is room lor much difference of opinion. Vey-

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process of being desaturated, partly still unchanged, partly already

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ulceration. Whatever might be said about some cases of failure of gastrojejun-

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period of ten and twelve months respectively, but died ultimately, of

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milk and eggs, as recommended by Lenhartz for the treatment of gastric

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by the spirochetes or otherwise) has a more or less Bpecific cytotoxic action on the hepatic

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him. Administered nux and belladonna solution with syringe,

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a warning that there is going to be an attack, a day or two

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1 ft. 11 in. ; chest, 4 ft. 4 in. ; thigh, 2 ft. 7 in. ; calf, 1 ft. 8 in. ; height,

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Keid at the Lister Institute very kindly made a microphotograph

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a rule for from four to twelve months. In addition it is one of

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for all cuts and wounds. A cut finger may be wrapped

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Camindus, Balthasar, comment on supposed golden tooth described by Jacob Horst, Odont. S4

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in secondary syphilis a toxin is produced by fche Bpirochaetes in the >km.

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regard to the treatment of acute appendicitis, he could not help feeling

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on a warm poultice round the neck ; it may be made of hot

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mortification. This generally kills the patient. The mid-

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passed into the jejunum. Most of the cases had followed operation done by

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wool, dipped in some alum or tannin solution, into the

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thus he gets a sort of skin disease. The whole business is

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rupture of a large blood vessel in a cavity in the lung, and

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tions which have important relations to certain diseases,

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thyroid, or on some imperfection in the assimilating processes, conse-

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denly becomes paralyzed, but does not lose his senses. He

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than to the typical plasma-cells of the granulomata.