easier to do a gastroenterostomy before removing the growth. The

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lower part of the field is the outer surface of the original compact bone of the

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being due to vasomotor nerve influences, to local mechanical or chemical

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of ovarian tumour, which showed how great was the dilatation of the pyloric

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Inguinal hernia. — This is a rupture at the groin. The

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fusiform body which transmitted menstrual blood and the firm movable

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If Foster's conclusions are entirely correct, it is difficult to see how

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will also send people mad. A long series of epileptic fits

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centre has set in. We tried lecithin and bile-salts, and, lastly, I

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laminated clot, but the lumen is not so completely obstructed as in the

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the torpidity and depressed look of the rheumatic child ; and _ ml>

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water into the rectum. Pills, &c, by the mouth were, until recently,

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been rendered quite harmless by a special method of cultivation.

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house surgeon (Mr. Coulson), who held a mass of gauze in the wound

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on chronic maxillary suppuration simulating malignant disease, Laryng. 163

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of crosses between Europeans and North American Red Indians, R.S.M. 123

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Of the preventable causes the following are the most

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and pytemia. A dry brown tongue is a sign of great ex-

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cally to the inside of the body what the skin is to the

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strong purges, but with gentle laxatives like magnesia, con-

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Baumann, investigations on goitre alluded to, Med. 5

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Cash Flow Forecast/Budget Versus Statement of Cash Flows 2-21

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as scarlet fever, pneumonia, or measles, and, above all, in the var*

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Fomites, infected, spread of whooping-cough by, Child. 86, 87

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and also saw much of the results of it- abuse. Much harm h by

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specially manifest. If at the time salicylate is being taken, the remedy

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The radiogram (fig. 8) is that of another case in which there was

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same kind as that which resulted in this change. But the high figures

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Dr. W. E. Dixon and Dr. G. S. Haynes read a paper before I

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ducing these chemic changes probably are the bile acids, as

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relatively simple substance such as lead, or the absorption of relatively

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salary increases for the coming year, the percentage and timing of program

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fcetus, he advised the call of a regular veterinarian. The au-

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fact anything with which an infected animal has come in contact.

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tion with dilatation of the large intestine. Child. 221