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given— viz., 2,000,000 on July 9, 5,000,000 on July 13, and 10,000,000
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the caecum is normally reached about four hours after a meal. Saline
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good ? Is it worth preserving ? Sir William Macewen demonstrated
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recovery on this treatment. A fourth case with signs of peritoneal
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ments ; the later data showed that they had a tendency to
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would be more cases of fistulas. It must be a very rare event to need the
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which breathing takes place and prevent the proper de-
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Operation was proceeded with at once, the incision being made
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In mild cases, a good plan is to scrape the nail down the
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bacillus vaccine. In another case there were three organisms present. In two
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time. We have added to our case a summary of such knowledge as we
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if tetanus toxin is added to an emulsion of nerve-tissue, the mixture is
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make sure that all financial changes to the organization are included in the
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tunicae-vaginales, whilst the testicles were enlarged. Lungs and heart
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active tincture of strophanthus could always be prepared if the cm
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through the nostrils by Dr. Hopper. The intubation was read-
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doses were necessary; that 1-100,000 grain of belladonna,
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years, and the lids may become scarred and contracted,
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my views on the subject of the surgical treatment of typhoid fev<
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and an effective disinfection of the tissues may thus be possible, [t
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spinal cord must be affected, yet after death sometimes no
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breeders are tempted to bank on the method. But when we
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of zinc and one-sixtieth grain of phosphorus twice a day,
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, without obvijus mechanical obstruction (idiopathic) (0. R. Box), Path. 134
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British Museum (Natural History), South Kensington, the massive tail
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blow. When asked why he Laughed, he said lie thought he would
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cells, and in some cases the blood was not confined to the sinuses, but