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ing in the various veterinary schools of the country, and the
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formed, revealing leucocytes and epithelial cells; four days before death
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The opening in the stomach was closed, and the jejunum reimplanted at another
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H)datidiform mole with albuminuria and kidney of pregnancy (G. Blacker). Obst. 202
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flammation of the urinary bladder is called cystitis.
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order, it is due to bad circulation of the blood, and this is
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only, the others being separately satisfied by atoms other than carbon.
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The person affected falls down as if struck, unconscious,
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prescribing it, in the wholesale rule-of-thumb way which
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transportation has been so excessive that time has not allowed of the
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, extreme proportion of unreliable histories, R.S.M. 69
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state of faintness and unconsciousness, which may last
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appointed Secretary. To this Committee of Reference in Pharmacy the
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ing the results that might ensue from this, he kept investigat-
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injection of cold water. The body is intensely hot in this
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The superior hemorrhoidal vein, as it crosses the common iliac
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V Management Letter from the Auditor may include recommendations
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200 Weber & Ledingham : Histology of Case of Myelomatosis
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months it failed to stop the heart of a 37'5 grm. frog in suitable doses.
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not only on but under the artery. Its relations to the intestine are
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been mixed with smoke, it probably contains blood. Take
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advanced lung disease, or chronic bronchitis. Shortness of
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The scar of the former operation w T as to be seen below umbilicus. No
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records of St. George's Hospital during fche same period and I
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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 15% on series less than 4 years old; 10% on series
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, simulating appendicular abscess, with arrested development of genital tract
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of the bottle the silver solution will in a few minutes
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Board of Directors: S. P. Bowen, H. C. Brown, O. C. Francis*, T. I. Freeburn, J. A. Greene* Edward Griffin*,
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into and across the interior of the eyeball. A similar effect
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Hutchinson's excellent ointment for psoriasis is as fol-
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their customers, are Barbers' Itch (which see), different
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it well with open window or door, using screens round the
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on series from 4 to 8 years old, %% oi last dividend; after 8 years, J^ of last dividend
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Many other points of interest arise in this new method of therapeutic
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of this disease were examined, and in all in which the hepatic cirrhosis
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marked and very common amongst the Tasmanians; well marked but
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widespread gland disease. If the growth has given rise to marked
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of the species regarded as a whole, or do any of them possess
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i he magnesium sulphate seemed to be in direct relationship to the quantity
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records of the cases are not at all complete with regard to the sexual
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ods, usually from nine days to a month. This demonstrates
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enemata, and had taken nothing by the mouth. She was pale and greatly