Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 25% on series less than 2 years old; after 2 years, none
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and might play a part in the production of the ulcer, and that was the view he
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in our profession. Forty years ago qualified veterinarians were
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simple enema of soap and waterier anum. This may not seem much
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The best forms of pasteurizers are the Freeman and the
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things was found. The stomach was enormously dilated and flabby.
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a little sore remains which is all too apt to become a regular
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the persistence of an embryonic condition. Still, we wish to know more
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in perspiration, and, anticipating possible danger, the operator
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They lie on the ventral aspect and on the outer surface of each of the
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observations were merely very suggestive of that. But it was impossible to
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unchecked. He congratulated Dr. Knowles, of Montana, upon
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cerned. He finally exhibited all the symptoms of poisoning by
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Makins, G. H. " On Two Cases of Traumatic Rupture of the Colon," Ann. Surg., 1899,
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on meningitis associated with a leptothrix bacillus. Child. 205
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the precursors of hippuric acid. Hammarsten states that the
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, cyst in, in congenital heart disease with transection of heart, Li md large
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Every week of his life the patient ought to weigh him-
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phate, 20 grains; compound tincture of lavender, 150 website
Incorporated February 24, 1920. Began business March 8, 1920
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London, viewed from the front. In both, the whole of the thigh is monstrously
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less able to cope with sudden alterations of pressure, and
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up the scale of intelligence, the human family. But, although,
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of my own observations upon a full-term foetus asphyxiated during birth,
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nursing is required, sleep and plenty of food. These cases
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cess of healing. In my Hunterian Lectures [15] I gave brief details
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caecum washed through with warm water. All pain disappeared at once,
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on cases of post-basic meningitis treated by injecl EtappeTs serum, « bild. 17
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The patient was a woman, aged 65, who was long under the care
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it may feel heavy. It is, when large, a pear-shaped swell-
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Causes of Inert Preparations Occurring.-— On talking over the subject
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Influenza is infectious and epidemic, and it is due to
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Tuesday of each month.
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affected. The gonococcus was isolated from the urethra, and the patient