the stomach and out through the other gastrojejunostomy opening, he feared it

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spring of 2003 and determined that City and County of San Francisco departments' fiscal or

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ance with these facts. The cells which take an active part in this

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discussion (p. 5) : Dr. G. Carpenter, Dr. Spriggs. Dr. I . L.

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no one drug which was more abused than digitalis. II" used it ich,

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this is called Erythema. In this disease there may be no

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■ Written policies and procedures should include accounting for vacations,

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general disturbance. Her bodily organs are all more likely

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the next day, suppurates two days later, in two days the aspect

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Herbert O. Woolley, President Arthur R. Knox, Treasurer

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the stomach, and had said that the administration of alkalis by the mouth

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acids in these experiments is open to question, this is mainly so when

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Adamson, H. G.— Photograph of a mouse with Dm, Derm. 106; d

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as a varicose vein of the leg, which may ulcerate and bleed

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of suggested omissions and additions might entail on the Pharmac

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to foUow when an infant's mouth and nose get squeezed

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authors (e.g., Tigerstedt) merely state that contractions of the urel

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6 fluid ozs. of sherry. Two pints of eider (varies very

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ness, may affect the neck, or any one of the joints; or it

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Board of Directors: F. C. Brown, C. C. Chipman, G. E. Collins*, Charles Schofield*, H. W. Steere*.

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Glenoid cavity, excavation through posterior intermuscular incision in treatment of old sub-

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of rupture of the intestine, the rapture being probably only a small one.

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which we cannot get at by the knife, of course we cannot re-

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these filters, and thoroughly scrubbed and boiled before

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symptoms, and the man went home. Three hours later he returned to

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Secretary of War, May 9, 1902, as their duties are such as to

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much more tenacious of life than the higher organisms, that then-

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found thai rennet is not destroyed by pepsin ; that trypsin does not act

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pearing attached to the upper pupillary border of the iris in the

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