Pliny, the Elder, care of teeth as recommended by, Odont. 75

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development of bone did not take place until later in life. The sagittal suture

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Proportion of profits retained on voluntary withdrawals, 10%

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mirable tonics — ^though to be classed as luxuries.

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in utter ignorance that the baby whom they love is dying

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Spicer, R. H. Scanes.— Discussion on two cases of retrobulbar neuritis probably attributable

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with the ecraseur. The animal did well at first, then had bad

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stead of that the treatment was kept up for eight days, and in

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within the limits of variation in Drechsel's analyses. The single

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in, death-rates in registration district and city (1872-1908), Epid. 189, 229

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During 1897-H several unsuccessful attempts were made to close the fistula

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(7) G. L. S., aged 32 ; March 18, 1907 ; a patient of Dr. Broadbent, of

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7th, in the Amphitheatre of the Veterinary College, by Pres.

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tainly suit a given case of asthma. If you have attacks

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chives} In 1901 they attempted to determine, first, the influ-

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Early treatpaent consists of rest in bed, counter-irritation

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, condition of mouths : age and sex, Odont. 59, 60, 61

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, see also Commission for Investigating Plague in India

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in removing this " lymphatic area " to tie the left colic artery at the

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The use of sodium salicylate is also hindered by the BUperstition >till

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an abscess seems to be forming, let the doctor see it with-

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by the pain being worse after food, and by its being accom-

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part of the stomach. There was a separation of 2 in. between the gastric and