Anaemia (pernicious), action of arsenic in, Path. 7
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(3) Tumors in any part of the body, such as the liver
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To give another illustration of the difficulties encountered in the con-
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If the above experiments had been performed on a patient who was
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(1) Give him a tablespoonful of mustard in a tumbler-
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or read of have yielded to it at once. And in the cases in which I have
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cumscribed resistant body could be defined in the pelvic cavity. The
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giving nutrient enemata or large quantities of saline solution per rectum if given
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Microphotograph showing the pneumonia. (Magnification, 500.)
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the veterinary idea to predominate in the enforcement of ques-
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limited measure of protection may be permanently obtained
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Only living animals can be used. Transportation and other
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inoculations to which they were subjected ; 2, the immunity
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The most prominent example of the need of such laws is
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shown at the highest part of the specimen. (Specimen No. 2074, Physiological
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several of the drugs causing fatty degeneration of the liver, such as nutmeg,
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be given by the mouth. Solid food should not be given for weeks, and carbo-
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loaded circulation with material, not only excessive and effete,
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Wednesday of each month.
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Boiler-felt, protection of skin with, in treatment of exophthalmic goitre by X-rays, Electr.
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in the kidney, bladder or ureter. By thus approaching the case the
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dom lacks a comely natural covering of fat and a healthy
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Incorporated December 17, 1895. Began business March 10, 1896
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distended (about three finger-breadths). When this vein is divided
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who suffer from specks before the eyes and headaches,
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where he can be suitably looked after the better for every-
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noise. Her spine is very likely tender, and she has tender
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subjacent tissues. The general opinion seemed to be that
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of the legislation which forced the compiler- n\ the Pharmacopoeia bo follow
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disbursements from investing, financing, and operating activities. Many
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human neck ? Both these questions I am able to answer in the affirma-