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Cathcart, antitryptic content of normal Berum, alluded t<». Bled. 222

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comes from 44,000 farms situated in seven different States,

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Slater, C, fatal case of infective gangrene with emphysema, alludi n. -U

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Dr. W. J. MlDELTON agreed that there was a diplococcus which wa>

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Horse, or stallion, is so largely composed of fibrous tissue that it cannot

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(p. 236): Mr. Warrington Haward, Dr. McCulloch, Mr. Hutchinson (reply)

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the cerebrin is mixed with the toxin the effeel <-l the latter on the

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do more than give the intelligent reader a general idea

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ing which pus, or matter, is always trickling over it, the

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the author had ever witnessed the hardening of tissues under formalde-

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of toxaemia resembling those in the late stages of cirrhosis, and not

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tion, and sooner or later the bowels get out of order.

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, gangrene of, associated with gastrostaxis (A. Stanley Grei m), Clin. 2

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between for-profit and nonprofit accounting and in how financial

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Arthur G. Norton, President James H. Clark, Treasurer'

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occur among typewriters, clerks, and telegraphists. Miners

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bulbs and knobs of fat. But there are unfortunate people

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[2] Brown, Langdon, W. Clin. Journ., Land., 1908, xxxi, p. 109.

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into all parts of the marrow. The adventitial sheaths ol' the vessels are

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gives a great sense of comfort to the sick man. Lemou

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of ovary accompanying uterine fibroid with peritheliomatous change, removal,

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had the daily use of her bowels, and that had continued for the last two years.

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conservative practice of transplanting the whole or the greater part of

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Miillerian ducts, union to form genital cord, Obst. 316, 317

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our tired brains for the material. Even then too often the tele-

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The poisoning is curable, but will come on again if the

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Fig. 1. A section of the aorta, as studied in Farrant's medium, after having