died next daw It was found post mortem that the prime trouble had

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portance and influence, and it seems to me that the time has ar-

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necrobiotic interstitial fibroid removed from patient three months pregnant with-

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os pisiform, the pinching is exerted with the whole hand, the

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and Stuart-Low, W. — Case of rhinoscleroma, Derm. 5 ; discussion (p. 6) : Dr. Radcliffe

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of Wallace, that the whole activity resides in the volatile Oil, and in

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The after-treatment consisted in the subcutaneous administration of irjv

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once. Constant syringing may be tried, using a Higgin-

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in the cells of normal tissues. The materials used were chiefly

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in cold.) Can be made thinner by using skimmed milk.

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It must be borne in mind by parents that this disease is

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ordinary gas burners or incandescent electric light.

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ligament, the lateral border of the epiglottis at the attachment of the

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L. W. Phillips, W. G. Powers, H. H. Presbrey, J. A. Quigley, J. C. Silva, Jr., E. A. Tetlow, J. G. Williams,

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Both were fibro-sarcomatous in nature. In all its length, the

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ribs are too straight and there is not much room inside for

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206 Weber & Ledingham : Histology of Case of Myelomatosis

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considers all the factors involved, for she converts both tissues and bacteria into

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The President (Mr. Haward) said that he was sure that the Fellows would

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10.30 a.m., when a further dose of 2j gr. produced another quickening,

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formed some months previously by another surgeon, subsequent operation

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arthritis entirely disappeared in five weeks and had not returned five

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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Thursday of each month.

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the system a strong inherent resistance to the disease, and it is

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of giddiness is to be found in disturbances of the digestive

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constitutes the actual termination of the long adipose pr< W hen

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of Typhoid I Hl ever," in which I related additional cases of successful :

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becoming adherent to neighbouring structures, finally perforating and

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itself to easy comprehension by the non-medical person.

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ning away on frolics, and it was decided to castrate him, to make

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humerus) was found to have been replaced by the dark red opaque

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discussion (p. 32) : Mr. de Santi, Dr. Watson Williams

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Weber, F. Parkes. — Apparent muscular hypertrophy following oedema of left leg (due to

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