ever you do, do not be beguiled into trying to "cure"

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collected weighed 98 kilograms. The hairs were 10 centi-

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pounds of foods, taken collectively as a group. The word crude

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History : Furuncle on inner aspect of right pastern. Diagnosis

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resuscitation of the apparently drowned, E.S.M. 7-8

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Epiphora following radical operation through canine fossa, Laryng. 112

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arthritis entirely disappeared in five weeks and had not returned five

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press them back again, and use a collapsube of ointment

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reported in this paper. It is of special interest to find that three or four

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on a fresh crop of hair comes up, as if nothing had been

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matic pressure method such as is commonly used in Paris

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threepenny-piece. This was dealt with by excision, but the patient died

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Dublin, published an interesting paper in the British Medical Journal

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the terribly fatal cases of extensive rupture of the duodenum. No case

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had been in the same ward under my late colleague, Percy Paton.

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1,565 rea? estate toons (average, $3,222 each; average rate 5.58%); 5%, $10,636; 5H%> $4,205,926; 6%, $817,139;

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high temperature, dry nose, and costive bowels indicated mis-

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scrubbing with soap, water and scrubbing brush with use

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Strangeways, T. P., value of opsonic index, q i • I Path

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nary legislation. This committee consists of the following

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, of process of peristalsis (A. E. Barclay), Electr. 59

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jejunal limb was considerably dilated, and 4 in. below the anastomosis it was

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cum wine and let him take 40 drops of it at once in a

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atoxyl administered passes through the body unchanged, and is value-